We Are


We enable everyone to join in the fun, regardless of social circles, contacts, political viewpoints, status or other such barriers.

We Are


We move with the times and embrace the 'new' - no matter how different to the norm it may be.

We Are


Open, friendly, welcoming and approachable - That's us!


WE NEED YOU! Beards, pull-overs and paunches entirely optional!
  • Pub Discounts

    Save a bit of money

    We all like to save a bit of money every now and again ... ,and of course enjoy our favourite tipples. Here's a list of pub real ale discounts that we know of - Coming soon.

    Beer Festivals

    Socialise & Sample

    A list of festivals that we know you'll enjoy ... recommended by members. Beer festivals are the ultimate social event for the ale drinker - Coming soon.
  • Your Voice Wanted


    We want to make it wasy for everyone to inform the future direction of this organisation. Here's some simple no-nonse and quick polls where you can vote and be heard - Coming soon.


    Discuss / Ask

    Forums for members where we can get together and discuss more or less anything, on topic and off. The forums are here.

Real Ale pub of the Month

New Feature! A real ale pub of the month will appear here soon. If you'd like to suggest a pub please just get in touch - publicans are of course more than welcome to submit their own establishment for inclusion.

Real Ale of the Month

New Feature! A real ale of the month will appear here shortly. If you'd like to suggest an ale to feature, please just get in touch.

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Our Proposed Aims

We're only just getting going, but judging by the support we've received  we're going in the right direction. Here's a list of our initial aims.

How YOU can help

If you'd like to get involved, we've got a list of some things that you could help us out with at this time - here. The more the merrier we say!

The Forum

A warm and cosy place for good-hearted discussions and banter. Why not join us and say "Hi!" in the forums?


Whilst this website is the hub of all things, you can join in with us on social media too if you'd like. We're on twitter and facebook.

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A brand new website and community for those that like Real Ale and all the trimmings that surround it! We're just starting out, but we hope that you'll join us and make this organisation the best it can be. Thanks!